Do you have a question about South Coast Suzuki Marine? Here are some we prepared earlier…


Q: Where is South Coast Suzuki Marine located?
We have a Suzuki dealership located at 8/24 Rivulet Crescent, Albion Park Rail. We also provide a fully comprehensive mobile service.


Q: What kind of area does your mobile service cover?
Quite a large one! We proudly provide the convenience of mobile servicing, repairs and accessories to everywhere from Helensburgh and the Southern Highlands (Moss Vale, Bowral), down to Wollongong, Shellharbour, Kiama and even south to Huskisson and Sussex Inlet.


Q: So you’ll be all over the new marina coming to Shell Cove?
Absolutely – it’s practically on our doorstep.


Q: Are you able to perform Suzuki repairs and warranty servicing?
Yes. In fact, we’re the region’s only official Suzuki Marine Dealership.


Q: Oh wait, my motor isn’t Suzuki. Is that okay?
It sure is. Our fully qualified team are familiar with almost all engine brands including Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha, Mercury, Tohatsu, Johnson, Evinrude and Mercruiser.


Q: I don’t have a big beast of a superyacht – it’s just a small runabout. Can you service my outboard motor?
You bet. We handle everything from 2-stroke and single-digit horsepower motors right up to the mighty monsters – whatever floats your boat!


Q: How often do you recommend servicing my outboard motor?
Great question. Most outboard motor manufacturers recommend annual servicing and regular tune ups every 12 months or 100 hours – whichever comes first.


Q: What happens if I don’t get it serviced?
You’re rolling the dice. And breaking down out on the water isn’t much fun.


Q: Yeah, fair enough. So how do I book a service in?
Just click here. You’re welcome.


Q: Wait, my cousin’s brother in law is a car mechanic. Should I just go to him instead?
At South Coast Suzuki Marine, you’re dealing with fully qualified Marine Technicians. It’s up to you, but boats is what we know.


Q: Do you have any proof of your reliability?
Thousands of happy customers since 2000 for one. Plus, South Coast Suzuki Marine is the company of choice for Marine Rescue NSW, Roads and Maritime Services and the State Emergency Service (SES). These organisations regularly deal with life and death situations – so it’s vital that their equipment performs when needed.


Q: Impressive. Any other examples?
Many of our clients are commercial fishermen, oyster farmers and abalone divers – so once again, they trust us with their livelihoods. But ultimately, our goal is to provide every customer on the water with the same genuine peace of mind, regardless of whether it’s business or pleasure.


Q: Do you sell genuine Suzuki parts?
We do – check out the range of goodies on offer on our Suzuki Marine page.


Q: I’m loving the look of the new Suzuki Outboards. One day I might be able to get one…
Dreams are free, but if you’d like the real thing sooner, be sure to contact us about our Suzuki Finance options. Your dreams could be a reality sooner than you think!


Q: If you kept sailing due east from Wollongong, where would you end up?
Well, the mobile mechanics in us want to say that you’d probably run out of fuel. But if that wasn’t an issue, after almost exactly 2000km you’d arrive at the very topmost point of New Zealand. There’s a fun fact!


Q: Do you make and sell boat covers?

We don’t but we can recommend Richos Boat Covers. You can reach him on 0422 129 123.


Q: Who is Peter Blunden anyway?
Good question. He’s a top bloke and you’ll find more information here.


Here at South Coast Suzuki Marine, we love what we do.

To get in touch with us, go here. We look forward to seeing you soon!